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Breast Actives

Breast Actives Reviews - Breast augmentation is an operation aimed at increasing the volume and the remodelling of the breast by inserting implants made of this cream - - below the mammary gland or under the pectoral muscle. And 'it indicated to increase the breast volume or to correct a breast emptying after pregnancies or thinness or to balance an asymmetry between the two breasts.

The choice of the type of prosthesis to be implanted is a fundamental moment of the path they undertake together surgeon and patient in deciding which Breast Actives cream to use it is necessary to take into consideration the wishes of the patient, but you can not do without some technical considerations which are the responsibility of the surgeon. As regards the volume of the prosthesis, it depends on the width, the height and projection system, the choice of which can not be separated from the evaluation of some structural characteristics of the patient, such as the height and the weight and size of the chest.

Regardless of the form and the size, the prosthesis used by Breast Actives are constituted by a silicone cohesive gel contained in a casing of silicone textured surface, ie rough: this type of coating has the purpose to reduce the incidence of capsular contracture per prosthetic. In some cases it may be decided to implant prosthesis of silicone gel having a coating in micro polyurethane: this material has the ability to tenaciously adhere the implant to surrounding tissue, further reducing the risk of contracture of the capsule.

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The choice of the engraving seat depends on various factors such as the size of the areola, the inflammatory fold position, the shape and the dimensions of the prosthesis, the preference of the surgeon and the patient. Once the skin access, implants can be placed directly under the mammary gland or, more deeply, below the pectorals major muscle. The measurement of subcutaneous tissue thickness in the upper quadrants of the breast (pinch test) is the main factor on which to decide the venue of the prosthesis if the thickness is reduced, it is appropriate to place the implant below the pectorals major muscle to avoid that the upper margin of the prosthesis is visible or palpable.

In the early postoperative period it may be experienced some pain, more intense in the case of sub-muscular placement of the implant, but usually controlled with standard analgesics. In the case of drainages have been made, these will be removed after 24-72 hours depending on the case. Contextually with the removal of drainages, the dressing will be also removed and replaced with an elastic-type sports bra, which must be worn day and night for about a month and for this result, can help you Breast Actives for breast enhancement.

When you can do: after 18 years, when the breasts are fully developed. The upper age limit for the implant depends on the degree of elasticity and resistance of the skin. Normally it operates due to hyperplasia (little or no breast development), of atrophy due to breastfeeding or to different volume breasts. When the person was born with mastic, in the chest was not developed at the advent of puberty, when there is a problem (one breast small and one large), after 2 or 3 pregnancies or where the person suffered subcutaneous mastectomy for preventive reasons (evacuation breasts without disturbing the outer sheath, i.e. the skin).

The result is perfectly natural with the Breast Actives with natural ingredients, without scars and without foreign body. The breast becomes beautiful and highlighted more of the curves, especially in the neck area. Usually a session can be increased by one size bra. If there is a desire even larger increase, the process can be repeated after 6 months.

To be most effective method, may be applied 4-6 weeks before surgery outer dilatation this cream, until it reaches the udder of the desired size. With this method you can grow a number or more bra, maintaining the natural shape of the breast.